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Mountain Bike Action

Yo Eddy Cover Review

Story by Fat Chance Bikes March 16th, 2017

The following review excerpt is taken from Mountain Bike Action magazine - you can check out the full detailed review in the April edition, available on news stands or your iPad now.

"The Yo Eddy was designed for riders who will appreciate a frame builder’s attention to detail. The trail-orientated geometry and handmade steel frame will appeal to riders looking for something different from what the big-box brands have to offer.

It is a truly handmade frame designed by one of the greats in MTB history. The options are virtually limitless with the Yo Eddy—from custom paint schemes to component spec."

"If you are the type of rider who wants to have a say in all the little things, Chris Chance will help you build your dream bike."

"Swinging a leg over the saddle, we discovered the Fat Chance has a long top tube and aggressive fit. Combine this with a somewhat slack head tube and a little extra front suspension and the Yo Eddy feels more versatile than some would expect. Our bike came with 740-millimeter-wide bars and an 80-millimeter stem for more cross-country-style riding.

The steel tubing made us feel like we were gliding on a magic-carpet ride rather than a hardtail, and the handling made it feel almost as if it could read our minds when picking lines on the trail.

The geometry gave our test riders a much more playful feel than they were expecting. We ripped groomed singletrack and even some more technical bits of trail to push the limits of the Eddy.

Regardless of which trail we rode, there was no shortage of grins. A carbon full-suspension trailbike may be more forgiving on technical terrain, but the Yo Eddy proved to us that a well-dialed hardtail is seriously fast, especially in the hands of a talented rider."